North Penn YMCA

North Penn YMCA

From: "Leslie, Ann" [annl@northpennymca.org]
Date: April 14, 2023 at 5:25:19 PM EDT
To: Terry Girifalco [terryg@venussuppliescompany.com]
Subject: Re: automatic Cantel dispenser. Towels, soap and liners delivered.

Hi Terry, thank you for checking in. I actually think this dispenser would be fabulous but I have a couple things to update you on first off. Yes we did find a building and grounds Director. He is starting on Monday. Thank you sweet Jesus lol. The new gentleman will be over seeing all three of our locations instead of just Indian Valley, at some point in time he is going to be tasked with streamlining our supplies and who they are ordered from .. I truly hope that Venus can be that supplier. Unfortunately I will not be there as my last day with the Indian Valley YMCA is May 5. I am starting a new position at the Haverford YMCA and they are with the Philadelphia Association it has been a pleasure to work with you, I adore your company and I truly hope that the north Penn organization will do business with Venus for years to come. I will put in a great word for you. I think all things considered it’s probably best we stay with the status quo for now and I let our new facility Director Bruce Parker take the reins. Perhaps sometime in the next couple of weeks you can swing by and meet him while I am still there.

Thank you


LF Driscoll | Construction Managers, Builders


To whom it may Concern,

I would like to thank Venus Supplies Company for going above and beyond what is asked of them every time they are called on. Venus has been very prompt to take any requests, even when it is inconvenient, to serve Driscoll. There was specifically a time when we needed large equipment delivered to the site at the end of the day on a Friday. After calling multiple suppliers in a panic, Venus was the first to respond and made a way out of what seemed impossible. The equipment made it to the site safely and exactly when it was needed, thanks to Venus and the quick reaction time of Terry Girifalco. Terry makes us feel like we are deeply cared for by checking in on us to make sure we are okay, or just stopping by to say hello. Terry's warm and inviting personality speaks volumes of hospitality that we can look forward to in the future while doing business with Venus.

I am looking forward to future business and developing a strong business relationship with Venus.

With Pleasure,

Jared Elias Lawrence
MEP Field Engineer
LF Driscoll Company LLC/Comcast. TC
1717 Arch Street, 1st Floor
Philadelphia, Pa. 19103
Cell: 610-721-3024

University of Pennsylvania


From: Adzima, Michael Stephen [mailto:adzima@upenn.edu]
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 2:05 PM
To: Castor, Rob
Subject: Feedback from trial

Dear Rob,

Over the years, Preventive Maintenance Program at PENN has experienced unusual loading of Air-Handler Pre-filters at Hill Pavilion (Veterinary Research Facility) and Stemmler Hall (Medical Education Building) locations. This loading caused 3 to 4 week change-outs of Pre-filters, when the schedule dictated Quarterly or 12 week change-outs.  This disturbance in scheduling was the causal factor behind the search for a solution to this problem.  Working with our filter delivery vendor Laurab, we found a possible solution to our increased change-outs.  American Air Filter gave a presentation using their life cycle analysis.  As a result they introduced a pre-filter which was touted as lasting twice as long and having a lower initial pressure drop as currently used at PENN.   This filter (Megapleat) was tested and closely evaluated at Hill Pavilion over several months.  The Megapleat proved its ability to last longer, reduced deferential pressure, reduced shutdowns, while providing the same efficiency.  We had successfully cured the problem, but in addition, we applied and tested the same filter to those air-handling units that normally were changed out on a quarterly basis.  We found the same result, what normally lasted 12 weeks (one quarter), we extended their change-out period to 24 weeks (bi-annual).  Thus, eliminating 2 quarters per year, the savings proved to be “transformational”, reduced shutdowns (customer irritation), lower differential pressure (energy savings), reduced waste stream (by 50%) and the greatest impact, the reduction in resource time by 50%.  If we apply the savings for resources to our 10 Medical buildings, you will find just in resource expenditures, monetary savings of $56,000 / per year.  This saving is being applied to other Preventive Maintenance tasks across campus.

In addition to the pre-filter (Megapleat) we had another life cycle done and trail of AAF’s VariCel VXLS Synthetic 8 Panel V-bank final box filter which has extended our Annual Preventive Maintenance schedule from 12 months to 18 months for our Research buildings and 24 months for our Education and Office buildings.


Mike Adzima
Preventive Maintenance Coordinator / Supervisor
University of Pennsylvania
Facilities & Real Estate Services
3101 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 746-6856 Office
(215) 651-3845 Cell

Roberto Clemente Charter School


Dear Terry,

As you know 2020 has brought us to unprecedented times. We are experiencing things that we never imagined and will certainly never forget. It is times like these when we find out how our business relationships are based. Do our employees have the commitment and dedication to see us through this trying time? Do our managers, directors and above have faith in us as leaders even when we feel uncertain? And do our vendors not only stand with us but lead us through the challenge and help us become stronger, better, and more successful?

When I think of those questions I can say that there is no vendor that I have had to put my faith and trust in more than Venus Supplies and you have not only rose to the occasion but continue to carry us through.

As you know, I am and HVAC mechanic by trade and felt out of sorts when I was given a custodial staff, but you guided me through. So, it should come as no surprise that when a pandemic like none in my lifetime hits there stands the staff of Venus Supplies at the ready to educate, train, supply and support our organization like they always have.

I had the opportunity to tell our executive team about this new (to me) product that we purchased from Venus Supplies called Bioprotect and I was able to share that this product is like none other, it actually works and I was able to provide the data to prove it. I shared that while this product cost a bit more initially it will save money in the long run and provide us with the peace of mind that we can treat our buildings better than most. It’s a product that we can’t afford not to use from a vendor we cannot afford to lose.

Tonight, during our monthly Board of Trustees meeting my director shared some highlights of each department that report to him and he took the time to mention this new cleaning product we are using and that we are very excited about it. When asked where we learned about this product, he said “from Venus Supplies, they always have our best interest at heart”. It is because of the knowledge and support that I receive from you and your staff that when students, staff and parents express their concerns I am able to look them in the eye and say “ don’t worry, we got you covered”.

So on behalf of the staff, students and families of Roberto Clemente Charter School I would like to say thank you to you and your staff for being so knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate and committed to our mission and safety. We greatly appreciate all that you do!

Dirk Schoup
Facilities Manager
Roberto Clemente Charter School
131 West Hamilton Street 
Allentown, PA 18102

To whom it May Concern:
We have been doing business with Venus Supplies & Services for the past two years and have been delighted.

They continue to provide exceptional service, product knowledge and support to our organization.

Venus continues to deliver value, cost savings and innovation to our organization. One area where we realized cost savings and innovation in our cleaning chemicals, we were using nine different chemicals that were expensive and not environmentally safe. Venus introduced us to Envirox one product two dilutions. By upgrading to this product, we were able to reduce our cleaning chemical inventory and usage to only two products with Envirox being our primary product.

This allowed us to reduce the custodial spend, free up storage space and offer a green certified product Training is easy and since it is based on two colors red and green there is no misunderstanding. The wall mounted dispensers make everything easy to use and simple to understand. As a bilingual organization we have found that the color-coding system also helps us bridge the communication gap that can be created in translation.

In addition, the concentrate yields over 2000 quarts of all-purpose cleaner per case, these yields are at one of the highest levels in the industry, if not the highest. As an additional bonus we no longer have a harsh chemical smell when cleaning. Envirox has a pleasant citrus smell that our staff really enjoys. Venus Supplies & Services continues to be a blessing to me, and the organization and I look forward to many years of working together.

Dirk L Schoup
Facilities Manager
Roberto Clemente Charter School

Reading Terminal Market


To whom it may concern:
I am writing to share my great experience with Venus Supplies & Services and our switch in cleaning chemicals from EcoLab to Envirox.

We were using 5 different products and switched from one product two dilutions. We can clean floor, bathrooms, mirrors, stainless steel and carpets. We simplified down to red and green, training took ten minuets but best of all the product was extremely effective. We saved money, labor and have an eco friendly product. If you need further information please feel free to reach out.

Chris Gowen
Assistant General Manager
Reading Terminal Market

Schindler Elevator


From: john.barrett@us.schindler.com [mailto:john.barrett@us.schindler.com]
Sent: Friday, October 7, 2016 7:35 AM
To: Terry Girifalco
Subject: Re: Testimonial

LF Driscoll introduced Schindler to Venus Supply at the Comcast project.  They have been very effective in helping find material and equipment that meets the jobs needs and is priced competitively. In particular Venus has been relentless in identifying protective films that can withstand the rigors of a construction environment and can be removed at the project's completion without leaving a residue.

The Willow School


Date: January 20, 2019
Subject: Recommendation of Venus Supplies & Service Cohort 15

I am writing this letter to recommend Venus Supplies and Services Company and Terry Girifalco. We were scholars together in Cohort 15. Venus Supplies & Services is a Women Owned business offering facilities supplies including MRO (maintenance repair and operations), safety & industrial, janitorial, break room and office products.

For the past 8 months we have worked with Terry and her team on providing new safe chemicals to clean our school (building), hand towels, toilet paper and various other products that are easy to use. They have helped decrease costs and increase productivity.

We have been extremely pleased with Terry and her company for their customer service and approach to business. Venus is proactive, responsive, follows-up, and goes above and beyond what is normally expected from even the best supplier. To Venus, we are a partner, not just a customer!

I believe we all use these types of products in our businesses regardless of industry. I strongly recommend giving Terry a call 610-287-2600 or sending an email to Info@VensuSuppliesCompany.com. You won’t regret it – I haven’t!

My Best,
Kym Ramsey
Ric and Kym, LLC DBA The Willow School

Turner Construction


From: Hendricks, Dexter L - (SOM) dhendricks@tcco.com
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2019 12:28 PM
To: Terry Girifalco terryg@venussuppliescompany.com
Cc: Green, Holly - (PHI) hgreen@tcco.com Campbell, Joseph P - (PHI)

Subject: Introductions

As promised, I am sending and attaching below (and above) contact email information from both of the Tuner Project Executives that you were introduced to today; Holly Green and Joe Campbell.  My hope is that you all have continued dialogue regarding synergies on each of your projects and how we could work together.  Thank you.

PS – I meet MWBE’s everyday all day; only the ones that I have properly vetted and have the utmost confidence in are capable of an unannounced meeting interruption.

Holly Green – Project Executive

Joe Campbell – Project Executive

Dexter L. Hendricks, LEED® AP BD+C
Vice President, Community and Citizenship
Turner Construction Company
200 Franklin Square Drive, 4th Floor
Somerset, NJ  08873
direct 732.627.8314
mobile 732.894.1088
internal ext. 314


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