Automate your cleaning process with a swarm of robots!


Small vacuum-cleaning, mopping and even mowing robots

FieldBots enables you to run all the different cleaning robots from many different manufacturers in a single fleet. The FieldBots cloud combined with the FieldBots app, allows you to control and manage an entire swarm of vacuuming, moopping and even mowing robots for your entire facility. With an entire fleet, you can cover more square footage of the hotel industry, professional offices, hospitals, schools, government buildings, and more for less than the same cost in human labor - and without the downtime related to sick days, vacation, or any other employee related issues.
  • Relieve your maintenance staff
  • Reduce the number of third party traffic in and out of your building
  • Make cleaning work 100% visible through perfect perfomrance records
  • Take the first step into the future of facility management and maintenance concepts

Control and manage your entire fleet from the cloud

FieldBots software allows you to connect multiple cleaning robots from many different manufacturers. You and your maintenance staff can keep track of your fleet, its whereabouts in the building, and its optimal productivity. Build reports and make changes to increase your cleaning efficiency, and lower the cost of keeping a clean work environment.

  • Central overview: Permanent control over robots of all manufacturers and disciplines regardless of the size of their swarm
  • Room directory: Room and location overview for localising the bots, even beyond office boundaries
  • Status information: Daily performance of the respective bots and information on their operational status.
  • Search and filter function: Find robots quickly on the basis of ID, location or type.
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