Roberto Clemente Charter School

ATTN: Terry Girifalco @ Venus Supplies & Services

Dear Terry,

As you know 2020 has brought us to unprecedented times. We are experiencing things that we never imagined and will certainly never forget. It is times like these when we find out how our business relationships are based. Do our employees have the commitment and dedication to see us through this trying time? Do our managers, directors and above have faith in us as leaders even when we feel uncertain? And do our vendors not only stand with us but lead us through the challenge and help us become stronger, better, and more successful?

When I think of those questions I can say that there is no vendor that I have had to put my faith and trust in more than Venus Supplies and you have not only rose to the occasion but continue to carry us through.

As you know, I am and HVAC mechanic by trade and felt out of sorts when I was given a custodial staff, but you guided me through. So, it should come as no surprise that when a pandemic like none in my lifetime hits there stands the staff of Venus Supplies at the ready to educate, train, supply and support our organization like they always have.

I had the opportunity to tell our executive team about this new (to me) product that we purchased from Venus Supplies called Bioprotect and I was able to share that this product is like none other, it actually works and I was able to provide the data to prove it. I shared that while this product cost a bit more initially it will save money in the long run and provide us with the peace of mind that we can treat our buildings better than most. It’s a product that we can’t afford not to use from a vendor we cannot afford to lose.

Tonight, during our monthly Board of Trustees meeting my director shared some highlights of each department that report to him and he took the time to mention this new cleaning product we are using and that we are very excited about it. When asked where we learned about this product, he said “from Venus Supplies, they always have our best interest at heart”. It is because of the knowledge and support that I receive from you and your staff that when students, staff and parents express their concerns I am able to look them in the eye and say “ don’t worry, we got you covered”.

So on behalf of the staff, students and families of Roberto Clemente Charter School I would like to say thank you to you and your staff for being so knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate and committed to our mission and safety. We greatly appreciate all that you do!

Dirk Schoup
Facilities Manager
Roberto Clemente Charter School
131 West Hamilton Street 
Allentown, PA 18102