Effective Air Safety Measurement & Purification in the Workplace

Effective Air Safety Measurement & Purification in the Workplace



  • Air Quality at work is the #1 concern
  • Risk of sick leave associated with outdoor air supply rate, humidification, and occupant complaints
  • Office air quality may affect employees’ cognition, productivity
Measuring What Counts

Ability to measure particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns in all states: solids, liquid aerosol and gaseous.

The 3 Rings of Defense

The ThinkLite 3 Rings of Defense program will clean your air in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Air Monitoring
Get real time information, trends, analytics, and alerts on your indoor air quality with ThinkLite Flair.
ThinkLite air purifying LEDs products delivers a seamless, continuous cleansing process, while saving energy in your buildings.
ICON Air Healer
Integrate the ICON Air Healer to fully ensure there are no harmful pathogens existing anywhere in the facility, even when people tend to crowd in a smaller areas.

TVOCs | Total Volatile Organic Compounds

- Organic chemicals that have high vapor pressure at ordinary room temperature
- Inhaling large amounts of them is not safe for your respiratory system
- The smaller particals, including viruses and biological pathogens, will attach to TVOCs. This will allow them to live longer and travel through the air more easily.

Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide (CO2)

- These factors in your environment make it easier for pathogens to linger longer in the air.
- Germs and bacteria are more likely to fester in your air at certain humidity, temperature and CO2 levels.
- TVOCs also stay in the air longer based on the concentration of CO2 and at unique combinations of humidity and temperatures in the room.

Air Quality Index (AQI)

- Air Quality Index (AQI) refers to the EPA’s index for reporting air quality, on a scale from 0 - 500. This index keeps in mind all the major pollutants, pathogens and risks in the air that directly effect health.



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