Biotech – Tissue Paper

With BATP you create the BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE toilet paper, that contains 5 natural bacterial strains, safe to humans and the environment. BATP activates only into contact with WC water, producing enzymes that degrade encrustations and organic substances presented in pipes.


Ability to measure particulate matter as small as 0.1 microns in all states: solids, liquid aerosol and gaseous. The ThinkLite 3 Rings of Defense program will clean your air in the safest and most efficient way possible.

Easy to install, Easy to run
Start monitoring your air today. ThinkLite’s Air Monitor Team is assist you in installing your Flair Monitors and with any troubleshooting concerns.

Make Decisions on your facility operations based on hard data
An advanced integrated dashoboard collects data from all your Flair devices and alerts you to changing air conditions in your facility in real-time.

Smart Building Automation Ready
ThinkLite’s Flair IAQ Monitor has an open APO architecture, making it easy to integrate into most BMS systems.


Automate your cleaning process with a swarm of robots! Small vacuum-cleaning, mopping and even mowing robotsFieldBots enables you to run all the different cleaning robots from many different manufacturers in a single fleet. The FieldBots cloud combined with the FieldBots app, allows you to control and manage an entire swarm of vacuuming, moopping and even mowing robots for your entire …

EnvirOx – Oxigenesis

OxiGenesis™ is the first ever disinfectant to use NEW EnvirOx patented Hydrogen Peroxide Technology. This patented formula provides fast, broad-spectrum disinfection while carrying the EPA DfE certification. Designed as part of a 2 product system–First, clean the surface with EnvirOx Heavy Duty RED® dilution from one of our proprietary hydrogen peroxide based multi-purpose cleaners. Then, disinfect the area with OxiGenesis.


Terry GirifalcoVenus Supplies and Services773 Sumneytown Pike Harleysville, PA 19438 Terry,I just wanted to say thanks for helping Jim out, for years I have been trying to get him to stop buying so many products and after meeting with you he finally agrees, and we are cutting back I am so happy to hear this and the new guy will …

Villanova University

Facilities Management2/15/2016 To Whom It May Concern: I have worked with Terry Girifalco in various capacities for the past 20 years. Terry has been a consummate professional and extremely helpful in working with Villanova’s Facilities Department in various capacities everything from bringing better faster more cost effective ideas to us while also providing the day to day supplies needed to …

Turner Construction

Terry, As promised, I am sending and attaching below (and above) contact email information from both of the Tuner Project Executives that you were introduced to today; Holly Green and Joe Campbell. My hope is that you all have continued dialogue regarding synergies on each of your projects and how we could work together. Thank you. PS – I meet …

The Willow School

Date: January 20, 2019 Subject: Recommendation of Venus Supplies & Service Cohort 15 I am writing this letter to recommend Venus Supplies and Services Company and Terry Girifalco. We were scholars together in Cohort 15. Venus Supplies & Services is a Women Owned business offering facilities supplies including MRO (maintenance repair and operations), safety & industrial, janitorial, break room and …

University of Pennsylvania

From: Adzima, Michael Stephen []  Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 2:05 PMTo: Castor, RobSubject: Feedback from trial Dear Rob, Over the years, Preventive Maintenance Program at PENN has experienced unusual loading of Air-Handler Pre-filters at Hill Pavilion (Veterinary Research Facility) and Stemmler Hall (Medical Education Building) locations. This loading caused 3 to 4 week change-outs of Pre-filters, when the schedule …