Biotech – Tissue Paper

Biologic Active Tissue Paper


To clean pipes and sewage systems

With BATP you create the BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE toilet paper, that contains 5 natural bacterial strains, safe to humans and the environment. BATP activates only into contact with WC water, producing enzymes that degrade encrustations and organic substances presented in pipes.

Clogged toilet issues? We have the solution!

  • When the toilet paper comes into contact with water, the GOOD MICROORGANISMS are activated producing enzymes that feed on the offending organic matter present in the pipes and sewer system.
  • These microorganisms reproduce EXPONENTIALLY and INTENSIFY THEIR CLEANING ACTION even where it is not possible to intervene chemically or mechanically.
  • The good microorganisms contribute to reducing the bad microorganisms by consuming their food (FOOD ANTAGONISM) and further contribute to reducing the surfactants released by detergents in drainage pipes.
  • Once their action is finished, the GOOD MICROORGANISMS FULLY BIODEGRADE, meaning Bio Tech is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • It is DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED and safe for skin, eyes and intimate areas of adults and children.
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