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From: Adzima, Michael Stephen []  
Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2016 2:05 PM
To: Castor, Rob
Subject: Feedback from trial

Dear Rob,

Over the years, Preventive Maintenance Program at PENN has experienced unusual loading of Air-Handler Pre-filters at Hill Pavilion (Veterinary Research Facility) and Stemmler Hall (Medical Education Building) locations. This loading caused 3 to 4 week change-outs of Pre-filters, when the schedule dictated Quarterly or 12 week change-outs.  This disturbance in scheduling was the causal factor behind the search for a solution to this problem.  Working with our filter delivery vendor Laurab, we found a possible solution to our increased change-outs.  American Air Filter gave a presentation using their life cycle analysis.  As a result they introduced a pre-filter which was touted as lasting twice as long and having a lower initial pressure drop as currently used at PENN.   This filter (Megapleat) was tested and closely evaluated at Hill Pavilion over several months.  The Megapleat proved its ability to last longer, reduced deferential pressure, reduced shutdowns, while providing the same efficiency.  We had successfully cured the problem, but in addition, we applied and tested the same filter to those air-handling units that normally were changed out on a quarterly basis.  We found the same result, what normally lasted 12 weeks (one quarter), we extended their change-out period to 24 weeks (bi-annual).  Thus, eliminating 2 quarters per year, the savings proved to be “transformational”, reduced shutdowns (customer irritation), lower differential pressure (energy savings), reduced waste stream (by 50%) and the greatest impact, the reduction in resource time by 50%.  If we apply the savings for resources to our 10 Medical buildings, you will find just in resource expenditures, monetary savings of $56,000 / per year.  This saving is being applied to other Preventive Maintenance tasks across campus.

In addition to the pre-filter (Megapleat) we had another life cycle done and trail of  AAF’s VariCel VXLS Synthetic 8 Panel V-bank final box filter which has extended our Annual Preventive Maintenance schedule from 12 months to 18 months for our Research buildings and 24 months for our Education and Office buildings. 



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