The Willow School

Date: January 20, 2019

Subject: Recommendation of Venus Supplies & Service Cohort 15

I am writing this letter to recommend Venus Supplies and Services Company and Terry Girifalco. We were scholars together in Cohort 15. Venus Supplies & Services is a Women Owned business offering facilities supplies including MRO (maintenance repair and operations), safety & industrial, janitorial, break room and office products.

For the past 8 months we have worked with Terry and her team on providing new safe chemicals to clean our school (building), hand towels, toilet paper and various other products that are easy to use. They have helped decrease costs and increase productivity.

We have been extremely pleased with Terry and her company for their customer service and approach to business. Venus is proactive, responsive, follows-up, and goes above and beyond what is normally expected from even the best supplier. To Venus, we are a partner, not just a customer!

I believe we all use these types of products in our businesses regardless of industry. I strongly recommend giving Terry a call 610-287-2600 or sending an email to You won’t regret it – I haven’t!

My Best,
Kym Ramsey
Ric and Kym, LLC DBA The Willow School