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Welcome to Total Facilities Solutions

Total Facilities Solutions is a leading facilities management and
building operation services company with a strong track record of
delivering exceptional service to various companies and organizations.

Core Competencies

Facilities management: Our team is firmly devoted to the individual needs of our consumer base and will modify our business model to suit your unique needs and offer expert guidance and support in areas such as space planning, lease management, preventative maintenance, energy management, safety compliance, local city/state compliance, janitorial, security systems, and vendor management. By leveraging our expertise, you can reduce operating costs, enhance occupant satisfaction, and extend the lifespan of your facility. Also, safety is our top priority, and our staff is fully OSHA certified.

Past Facilities Managed

High rise commercial class A office buildings, multi-use complexes, Data centers, Life Sciences, Group homes, Restaurants, Bank chains, Government sites, School campuses, Airports, Convention centers, and Casinos, etc.

Building Operations Services

We offer a comprehensive suite of building operations services designed to optimize the performance and functionality of your facility. Our services include HVAC system maintenance, electrical and plumbing services, fire, and life safety systems, preventative maintenance, routine inspections, energy audits, and sustainable building solutions. By entrusting your building operations to us, you can ensure a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment for your occupants.

Mechanical & HVAC

Our team of highly skilled mechanical engineers combines industry knowledge with innovative design principles to deliver exceptional expertise. We offer a range of services, including HVAC system repairs & installation, energy-efficient equipment selection, plumbing and piping, ventilation system optimization, and much more. Our holistic approach ensures that your mechanical systems are reliable, energy-efficient, and compliant with state, local, and industry standards.

Construction Services

We offer construction project management services for any job, size, or scope. Turnkey solutions to keep your facility running clean, safe, and fully operational

MRO Supplies (Maintenance, Repair & Operations Products)

As a turnkey solutions provider, we supply all the products to keep your facility clean, safe and fully operational.

Technology Integration

We leverage the latest technology, including computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), building automation systems (BAS), energy management systems (EMS), and other digital tools to streamline operations, and allow us to predict maintenance needs. We fully integrate, Artificial Intelligence platforms such as Open AI, and other software’s that offer us data-driven solutions.




Terry Girifalco

Terry is a seasoned professional with an impressive 25-year career dedicated to the world of facilities supplies and services. Her journey in the industry has been marked by a wealth of experiences and knowledge that has solidified her reputation and pioneer and leader in the field.

Tyler Fogarty

Tyler is a dedicated administrative professional with a keen focus on managing the intricate details that keep the wheels at Total Facilities Solutions (TFS) turning smoothly. With an aptitude for quoting, bidding and invoicing, and negotiating pricing Tyler plays an integral role in ensuring the operational success of the organization.

Anthony Corrado

Tyler is a dedicated administrative professional with a keen focus on managing the intricate details that keep the wheels at Total Facilities Solutions (TFS) turning smoothly. With an aptitude for quoting, bidding and invoicing, and negotiating pricing Tyler plays an integral role in ensuring the operational success of the organization.

Ronald Liberati

Ronald is one of the co-founders of PT Mechanical Group and is responsible for the strategic decisions that impact both the construction and service divisions and plans that dictate the future direction of the business.

Edward (Ed) Siegler

Edward (Ed) Siegler is a well-seasoned, operations based professional with over thirty-four years of extensive experience in the field relating to a wide variety of facilities. While always maintaining focus on the needs of the client, Ed has a proven track record of cost-savings and self-performance initiatives which have produced not only budget friendly results, but multiple expansion of scopes to the clients he has served.

Elizabeth A. King

Elizabeth King is an innovative property manager with eleven years’ experience in property management and facilities management, and a solid history of success in managing properties across diverse industries. She is successful at identifying and implementing efficiencies to deliver savings to her clients while providing superior customer service, Elizabeth is proficient in Asset Management, Budget Planning & Cost Control, Property Selection and Closing, Project Planning and Scheduling, Competitive Bidding/Contract Negotiations, Lease Negotiations, Process Improvement, Staffing and Training, and Vendor and Materials Management. She is a consensus builder and relationship manager, accomplished in competitive bid solicitations, contract negotiations and value engineering.

William Dorell

William is a seasoned operations veteran with over thirty years of experience in the field. While maintaining a decorum of professionalism and grace, Bill has operated and maintained some of the east coast’s most challenging and difficult assignments. His extensive operations knowledge and experience has been an excellent and integral part of whatever account he has served upon.

Experienced Workforce

Our team consists of highly trained and certified professionals with deep expertise in various trades, ensuring quality workmanship and adherence to industry standards while also abiding by federal, state, and local code enforcement and regulatory requirements.

  • BOS Building Operations Services & Facilities Maintenance
  • MRO (Maintenance Repair & Operations Products)
  • Housekeeping & Janitorial
  • Safety & Security
  • Sustainability
  • Energy Management
  • Space Planning & Management
  • Environmental Compliance

Past Performance

Proven track record of successfully managing multi-team projects including the installation, maintenance, and upgrades to critical infrastructure systems including cogeneration plants, solar farms, boilers, chillers, air handler units, VAV systems, split systems, etc. We offer preventative maintenance to ensure peak performance of all major mechanical and infrastructure systems.

  • Pharma Process (Computer Chip mfg.) Value: $10 - $15 million – Project Ongoing
  • Replaced and installed new chillers, process piping, and process mechanical systems.
  • Philadelphia VA Hospital – Value: $2.7 million – Completed 2023
  • Upgraded Mechanicals including HVAC, and all components for their operating rooms.
  • United States Mint – Value $4.5 million – Ongoing Project
  • Upgraded air compressors throughout entire complex.
  • Thomas Jefferson Hospital – Value: $2.8 million – Completed 2023
  • Facilities, HVAC, and Mechanical improvements to hospital.
  • Navy Yard – Value: $22 million – Completed 2022
  • Built chiller plant feeding 15 buildings and maintained the service contract.
  • University of Pennsylvania – Value: $8 million – Completed 2023
  • Wharton School of business renovation and maintenance contract for 3 years on dormitories.
  • Upper Merion School District – Value: $3.8 million – Completed March ‘23
  • Central Plant Upgrades, VFD’s, Boiler Replacement, & Control Upgrades.
  • Maguire AFB – Value: $21 million – Completed 2020
  • Decentralized boiler plant and installed 256 new boilers in every building.
  • Newark International Airport – Value: 2.2 million – Completed Dec ‘22
  • Various HVAC upgrades, VFD’s, Boiler Replacements, & Controls Upgrades.
  • PA Convention Center – Value: $2.4 million – Completed Dec ‘22
  • Various AHU replacements, and Chiller Plant Upgrade
  • Showboat Casino – Value: $7 million – Ongoing/ In Development

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Office: (610) 287-2600

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