Misty® Moly Gear Grease


This product has excellent adhesive and cohesive properties, as well as high shock protection. Moly grease protects equipment indoors or outdoors, even under high temperatures and heavy loads.

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This Moly Grease in a non-melt gray-colored lubricant containing molybdenum disulfide. This product if fortified to provide antiwear and low friction performance through a wide temperature range. The molybdenum disulfide contained in Moly Grease reduces friction and protects against excessive wear from extreme loads, galling and seizing. The Moly “plates out” on metal surfaces imparting extra protection to the parts and extending the lubrication cycle. Moly Grease is exceptionally resistant to most acids, salt spray, steam, dirt, dust, water oxidation and weather. Type: Moly Grease; Application: Dirt; Dust; Resists Acids; Salt Spray; Steam; Weather; Applicable Material: Indoor/Outdoor Equipment; Chemical Compound: Clay-Based.