Alliance® Pale Crepe Gold® Rubber Bands


With nearly the highest percentage of natural-rubber latex of any rubber band, these bands feature an ultra-soft stretch with a soft, gentler hold. Highly recommended for both repeated applications and for delicate- and pliable-goods packaging applications where a soft hold is most important.


Pale Crepe Gold® rubber bands feature the softest stretch and the highest natural-latex rubber content of any comparable product. A higher natural rubber content equates to a lighter-weight band with greater stretchiness and increased longevity; and as a bonus, when buying by the pound, you receive more of what you need for less. Though great as a general-purpose band for a wide range of tasks around the home, office and workplace, these bands are particularly useful for delicate- and pliable-goods packaging applications, from food to musical instruments, fine-art poster-prints to valuable trading cards. Their soft stretch also makes these bands ideal for repetitive tasks where minimizing hand-stress and fatigue or minimizing the potential for repetitive-strain injuries might be desired. Use these bands again and again without worrying about whether they’ll remain strong and intact—they’re designed for it. Approximate Band Count: 970; Band Trade Size: 33; Band Gauge: 0.04″; Band Width: 0.13″.